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Kaori Eda: Madeline helped me with prepping for auditions (self-tapes these days). She is a very talented actress and quickly understands what's needed in the scene and how to bring out what is most effective in the scene from an actor's perspective. It is astonishing to see how she captures the scene, then translates it so that an actor can grasp what is needed. She knows the way to bring the best out of the actor and communicates well about what needs to be adjusted without intimidating the actor, but instead, by building confidence in the actor. I also got excellent feedback from a casting director on an audition that I rehearsed with Madeline. She is the number one person for me to go to whenever I want to prepare for an audition. I felt I was able to understand better and connect with what I had in my core because of the guidance I got from Madeline. I will recommend her to anyone who is trying to dive in deeper and polish their craft.
Alex Fortin:
I have had the privilege of working with Madeline both as my scene partner on stage, and also as my director in other projects. Part of what makes her a great director and coach is the fact that she is an amazing actress and storyteller herself with years of experience. Whether she is part of an ensemble or directing actors in a production, she brings a plethora of knowledge and creativity, making her an asset to anyone around her. I love working with her, she knows how to challenge me and brings out my best and anyone would be lucky to work with her. I remember she once coached me on a monologue that I was having problems with, Madeline helped me feel free, and explore the piece with new eyes. She unlocked something and it is now my favorite audition piece. 
Dan Evangelista:
I was fortunate enough to have been cast in a play Madeline directed and was immediately blown away by the fact that the entire LIVE production was to be done via ZOOM - with the entire cast working from their own remote locations. This seemed to me to be a daunting task to say the least - however I marveled as Madeline handled virtually every aspect of the production - from timing, to entrances and exits, to blocking (yes, from each actor's respective location!) simply masterfully.  Beyond that, Madeline's ability to consistently communicate effectively with the actors on her various ideas, as well as her constant receptivity (and in fact encouragement) to the actor's input were absolutely wonderful and fed a consistently creative and dynamic environment.  Her uncanny ability to read, interact, and understand the actors she works with is no doubt in large part due to her own extensive work as an outstanding actor.  I have not only seen these abilities evident in her work as a director, but also in the now several Shakespeare readings I have participated in with Madeline.
Finally, I must also emphasize that Madeline's constant positivity, and the clear joy she takes in her work in this wonderful art is both beautiful...and contagious.